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Aloha! Welcome to Marvels of Hawaii!

We’re an eclectic little shop just a few miles from Kona International Airport on the west side of the Big Island of Hawaii. When we say “eclectic”, we mean it! We have a number of things to help make your visit to our island memorable: Balsamic Vinegars, Shane Molina’s art and a unique way to enjoy the world underwater, whether you can swim or not!


There are different ways to create a balsamic vinegar, but only one that can be said to be the original… Our Hawaii Balsamics are created in Modena, Italy – acknowledged worldwide to be the gold standard for Balsamics – from cooked grape must matured by a long and slow process, through natural fermentation.

This is followed by progressive concentration by aging in a series of casks made from different types of wood, but no other spices or flavorings. Hawaii Balsamics are aged through barrels of seven different types of wood over 18 years of aging.

Thereafter, the Balsamic is combined with a high-quality wine vinegar to create a commercial balsamic vinegar, available in its pure traditional flavor or with a variety of natural flavorings.

The Traditional Balsamic is dark brown in color, but full of warm light and has a syrup-like fluid consistency. It can be created from a blend of wine grape varietals or from a single grape It is created in the perfect proportion of sweet and sour, to offer your taste buds a full, rich flavor with a variety of subtle nuances. 

We add no vinegar to the traditional Balsamic, but we do offer a wide variety of flavorings, yielding flavor profiles that speak to your palette of the Pacific Islands – particularly of Hawaii, with Polynesian influences.

shane molina art.

Shane Molina’s name is well known in “behind the scenes” Hollywood. As a Lead Graphic and Conceptual Artist behind characters in some of the best-known features from Lucas, Disney, Marvel and Pixar, Shane has contributed significantly to creating the vision from which now classic images have been created. gallery of prints of Shane Molina’s original work in film – and more – is available through Marvels of Hawaii, on this website.